Why Buy Vintage Cat Eye Glasses?

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Vintage is Unique

Have you ever walked into a party and realized you were wearing the same dress as another girl? We cringe at the thought of this common social misfortune. With vintage you are spared these embarrassing moments because vintage is unique and one of a kind. For the most part, these older items were produced in much smaller quantities than the mass produced items of today. Let’s not forget that out of the small amount that were originally made, most are probably not still around today. Wearing vintage cat eye glasses assures that you’ll stand out from the masses in a pair of glasses that accentuates your individuality!

Vintage has a Positive Environmental Impact

When you buy vintage eyewear you are recycling. Buying vintage is a small way that you can do something for the environment while feeling AND looking good doing it.

Vintage Has History

Vintage helps to give your style character and a story. When you buy a pair of vintage cat eye glasses, you are not just getting something that came straight from a factory overseas, to a truck, to a store shelf. You are wearing something that has seen life. Vintage eyewear are a lot like us modern girls. That cute vintage piece has seen good times and bad times yet survived still looking beautiful and stylish. I love that.

Vintage is an Investment

There is a collectible market for vintage items, clothing and accessories, especially vintage cat eye glasses and many pieces have value that raises with time. Not every vintage piece is collectable, but many are. There will never be more 1950’s wiggle dresses, 1960’s Pucci silks, or 1970’s high waisted Levi’s bell bottoms made. Because they become harder and harder to find with time they become more valuable as they grow older. Vintage is money well spent!

So there you have it. Four good reasons why you should doll yourself up in vintage. So what are you waiting for? Shop Vintage!

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