Vintage Cat Eye Glasses – How to Remove the Lenses

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Sometimes if you purchase a pair of Vintage Cat Eye glasses from a shop like Mom and Pop’s Vintage on Etsy, they may still have the original prescription lens in them. If it’s a particularly strong prescription, it may be difficult to see how the frames look on your face, so here are a few methods you can use to remove the lenses:

1. If your vintage eyewear is the kind that has a screw that will open the frame, just unscrew the screws and the lenses will come out easily.

2. Most likely your vintage cat eye glasses are plastic and for those types of frames, there are two methods that involve heating the plastic in order to make it more pliable. You can heat the frames up by either submerging the frame in a bowl of hot water (do NOT use boiling water! it can melt the frame!) or heat the frames with a blowdryer. After heating the frame for one minute, hold the frame and gently push the lens out of the frame. Do not force it out as that may break the frame. If you’re unable to remove the lens, try heating it again for another minute.

3. If all else fails, take your vintage eyeglasses to a place like Walmart or LensCrafter. They’ll do it for free, it takes less time since they have the proper equipment and it’s less stressful. Just give them a heads up that the frames are vintage. I forgot to mention this to one guy and he had a rather difficult time removing the lenses because it required more heat than usual. Oops! Thankfully he wasn’t mad about that and was rather excited about the fact that the frames had glass lenses and were over 40 years old.

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