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Beige Vintage Horn Rim Cat Eye Glasses


Beige Two Tone Vintage Horn Rim Cat Eye by momandpopsvintage. SOLD

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Just added a lovely pair of vintage ladies cat eye glasses frames to my shop. They are made by USA. They are clear with beige brow line accents outlined in white. Frames also come with matching beige case with adorable outline drawings on it, which is in good vintage condition.

More Vintage Eyewear

Update: Both frames are SOLD. See more frames in store.

Today I uploaded two unique pair of vintage eye glasses. The first is a really fun pair by Tura:

This pair of vintage Tura aluminum cat eye glasses frames is fit for a queen! It’s royal blue with golden brows and lashes tipped with sparkling rhinestones. The arms also have gold detailing with rhinestones

The next pair of frames is by Univis and is in the shape of the quintessential cat eye:

This is pair of vintage Univis cat eye glasses frames with a luxurious wood grain pattern in brown and pearlescent grey. The brows and upper arms are lined with a deep reddish brown trim. This pair of glasses is in excellent vintage condition! If you would like to see more photos of the items, please visit my shop.

Two More Vintage Cat Eye Glasses Frames Added to Store

Update: Both frames have been SOLD. See more frames in store.

We’ve added a few more new frames to the shop – including 2 cat eye glass frames! The first pair is a sleek dark blue cat eye with a pearlescent finish. When the light hits the frame, it almost look like it’s glowing.

The second pair is a glizty tortoise shell frame by Liberty. This pair of vintage cat eye glasses has rhinestones and silver studs dotting the wingtips. It’s glamorous, but subtle.

If you’d like to see more pictures or see the rest of our selection of vintage eyewear, please check out our shop.

Vintage Cat Eye Glasses – How to Remove the Lenses

Sometimes if you purchase a pair of Vintage Cat Eye glasses from a shop like Mom and Pop’s Vintage on Etsy, they may still have the original prescription lens in them. If it’s a particularly strong prescription, it may be difficult to see how the frames look on your face, so here are a few methods you can use to remove the lenses:

1. If your vintage eyewear is the kind that has a screw that will open the frame, just unscrew the screws and the lenses will come out easily.

2. Most likely your vintage cat eye glasses are plastic and for those types of frames, there are two methods that involve heating the plastic in order to make it more pliable. You can heat the frames up by either submerging the frame in a bowl of hot water (do NOT use boiling water! it can melt the frame!) or heat the frames with a blowdryer. After heating the frame for one minute, hold the frame and gently push the lens out of the frame. Do not force it out as that may break the frame. If you’re unable to remove the lens, try heating it again for another minute.

3. If all else fails, take your vintage eyeglasses to a place like Walmart or LensCrafter. They’ll do it for free, it takes less time since they have the proper equipment and it’s less stressful. Just give them a heads up that the frames are vintage. I forgot to mention this to one guy and he had a rather difficult time removing the lenses because it required more heat than usual. Oops! Thankfully he wasn’t mad about that and was rather excited about the fact that the frames had glass lenses and were over 40 years old.

Vintage Eyewear – Sizing

The very first pair of vintage eyewear that I bought were a sleek pair of black cat eyes with a fireburst of rhinestones at the wingtips. It was also the first time I had ordered vintage eyeglasses online. Now, I thought I had done all my research and knew my measurements. According to experts, as long as the bridge and lens measurements were within 2mm of the measurements of a well-fitting pair that I already own….they should fit.

Well, my measurements were 48-19 and the vintage eyeglasses were 46-18. Sounds like it’d work, right? Well, it sort of did. The vintage frames did sit comfortably on my face, even though the bridge was smaller. The only problem was that the width of the frames were way too small for my face! The total frame width was 4 5/8″ on the vintage frames, while on my frames, they were 5 1/4″!

What I didn’t know was that vintage eyewear runs smaller than modern glasses. Back in the day, lenses for vintage eyewear were almost all made of glass, which is heaver than modern plastic lenses. So eyeglasses were made smaller in order to create lighter eyeglasses.

With my next pair of eyeglasses, I made sure to take the frame width into consideration. I found a pair with the measurements of 48-18 and a width of 5 1/4″ Even though the bridge was smaller, this pair of glasses fit perfectly! Since then, I’ve also ordered pairs where the bridge was 1mm or 2mm larger and those glasses fit fine too.

So when buying a pair of vintage frames, it’s ok if your lens width and bridge measurements are smaller or larger by 2mm. The width of the frames is a different story. Depending on your tastes, you can decide if you want a frame that is a little smaller or a little larger. Some people like them smaller as that is more authentic, I wanted a more modern look and opted for a larger frame.

Also one final note, don’t worry if the frames you’ve bought seem a little crooked when you put them on (especially if they don’t have lenses, since that is what keeps the frames straight). When it comes to plastic and aluminum frames, your optician warms up the frames and bends it a little to fit your head