The best way to find a good fit is to make sure the vintage glasses are the same size as your old glasses. Just take a measuring tape or a ruler and measure any pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that already fit you comfortably.
This size should be inscribed on the inside of the temple arms, or on the inside of your nose pads. They should consist of 3 numbers (for example “48-18-135″).

In that example, 48mm is the lens width, 18mm is the nose bridge which is the amount of material between the lenses and 135mm is the arm/temple length (in most vintage frames this is in inches).

Some additional tips:

  • Try to get a bridge size that is close to your current bridge size. You can usually go 1-2mm over or under. This is important because if you choose a bridge that is too wide, the frame will sit too low on your nose and if you choose a bridge that is too narrow, it will sit too high on your nose.
  • The hinge to hinge measurement is usually the best way to know if a frame will be too wide or too narrow for your face. If possible, try to find out what your own personal minimum hinge to hinge measurement is, as vintage frames tend to be cut smaller than today’s frames.  If there is space between your temples and the side of your head, subtract that space from your hinge to hinge measurement to get your minimum hinge to hinge measurement.